Personal data protection

The COBISS.SR system is in line with the valid Personal Data Protection Act of the Republic of Serbia.

Libraries that are full members of the COBISS.SR system are, as personal data processors, responsible for collecting, keeping and processing personal data in line with the legislation (Personal Data Protection Act of the Republic of Serbia, Librarianship Act, Research and Development Act) and other legal bases (rules on personal data protection) and in accordance with the purposes for which the data was collected, stored and processed.

As a contractual processor, IZUM (Institute of Information Science, Maribor) performs organisational and technical procedures and takes the necessary measures to ensure personal data protection, prevent incidental or intentional unauthorised data destruction, changes made to data or data loss and unauthorised data processing.

Personal data can be processed by the personal data processors in libraries that are full members of the COBISS.SR system and IZUM's staff when it is necessary to do so due to the type of their work, providing mechanisms for subsequent validation of the personal data processing.

National COBISS centre (NCC) is responsible for the text; contact them if you have any questions related to the terms of use and personal data protection.


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